ECCO Shape X SAKS POTTS presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Week

ECCO Shape X SAKS POTTS presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen-based Saks Potts has an avant-garde approach to outerwear design. Their collections combine a distinctive aesthetic with playful colours and delicate materials, and Saks Potts’ tribute to diversity and personality has made icons such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and many others fans of the Danish niche brand. 

Now, a collaboration with ECCO has led to the development of an ECCO Shape boot, sculpted in premium leather and with a bold design that celebrates personality as well as convenience. The design is part of their new Collection 12, which was revealed this week at a fashion show held at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

“We love the fact that ECCO makes high heels that don’t hurt your feet. It’s quite unique,” explain founders of Saks Potts Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts. They have an ambition to make the world more colourful and let people’s personality shine through in the public space. With a focus on designing outerwear for women, they share with ECCO a love for leather which they explain is a fantastic material in every regard, durable and strong.

The ECCO Shape Sculpted Motion boot styled by Saks Potts will be available in a limited edition from selected luxury fashion retailers.

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